Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back to VC

Deposited $40 back at VC to pick up a $10 monthly reload bonus. It's not much, but just marking time for the next port of call. Turned the $40 into $90 pretty quick, playing half stacked NL20. Not as many loose tables at VC compared to Tower.

The next stop after this is probably Pacific Poker. They have a 50% up to $150 bonus via PokerListings. This is a great bonus, as you can play it straight away, and just need to wager it 20x before cashing it out - this works out as essentially 100% rakeback for the duration of the bonus, and is twice as quick as e.g the VC bonus.


Texkix said...

Interesting blog, I will look forward to tracking your proggress.
By the way I also have a blog at
check it out sometime.
Good luck at the bankrole building
Have you looked into Propping?
maybe down the road?

The blindman said...

Hi Tex,

You win the prize for being my first comment! I will have to blog more regularly now that I have an audience.

I don't know much about propping. Would certainly consider it, weighed up against other options like rakeback and reload bonuses.

It's clear that you should always be finding a mechanism to recover the rake when you can.