Sunday, May 11, 2008

On a roll!

Had a huge night on Pacific on Saturday. Starting with $20, I played for a while at a 0.5/1 limit table with a couple of out and out calling stations. This lifted me quickly up to around $55. Feeling confident, I entered a shorthanded $10 MTT.

I played pretty well and ended up with 2nd place, for a cool $212. Once again I wasn't without my share of good fortune. I played pretty well to get myself into an early strong stack. I then played a stupid hand, where I managed to lose almost all of it playing A6 on an ace high flop (the other guy had AA). After that bruising, I was nearly busted. But I caught a few cards and doubled through two or three times. Before I knew it I was tournament leader, and pushing my table around a bit. Down to the last two tables, I played pretty tight and watched as the other players knocked each other out. At the last three, I was a big underdog, but found the 2nd stack busting himself to the big stack. Heads up I was about a 5-1 dog, but I played well to get myself into a 3-1 lead at one stage. The big hand was when I was leading about 55-45, and made a straight with A9 on a T876 board. I was just congratulating myself for slow playing the other guy into it when he truned over J9 :(

Oh well, I can hardly complain about my run. I think I have gone top 20% or better in all my non-freeroll tournaments so far.

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