Sunday, June 22, 2008

Walking back to Houston

They say that AK is also known as "walking back to Houston".

I played two freerolls last night: A $30k WSOP freeroll at Titan, and a $5k freeroll at Pacific. I did well early on Titan, doubling up with KK and winning a few small pots. But the cards dried up approaching first break, and I busted out in 122nd (out of 270) with an AK coinflip vs 66.

On Pacific I fared better, making it to the last 28 with an above average stack (about 7k). With the blinds at 200/400 and two limpers, I raised to 1000 with the magic AK again. All fold to UTG who pushes all-in. I put it down to a bit of a tilty push as a result of a pot I pushed him off a few hands earlier. I call, and he shows KJ. Naturally the J shows up on the flop, I fail to improve, and exit in 28th.

Had I won the pot, I would have been roughly tournament leader and in with a good shot at the $1500 first place. Oh well, I'm saving all my luck for the $100k event next weekend anyway..

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