Sunday, January 20, 2008

cracked the $100

Cracked the $100 mark today with a completely crazy hand. Look down to see AA smiling at me. I contemplate whether to raise or just cold call, when suddenly it is raised twice to me. I call, and see the pot capped preflop, with all five players still in the pot!

This is my lucky day, I think. I checkraise the flop of 58J rainbow (I figure they are probably too busy looking at their own cards to notice my betting pattern), three callers. I bet the turn 6, two callers. The river is another 6, and someone bets into me. I'm not too worried about trip 6s in a capped preflop, so I raise - two callers again. One player has 99, the other has 89. I thought it was a loose table, but not that loose! I rake in an unbelievable (for these limits) $12 pot.


So I popped up to 0.50/1 limits and promptly lost $20 in about half an hour. That stings a bit. I played a few hands badly, but also generally caught a few too many second-best hands (trips outdrawn by a flush, that sort of thing). The players were noticeably less bad than at 0.25/0.50. Back down in stakes for a while.. Balance AUD$82.63.

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