Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hi, and welcome to my blog. Last week, I began playing poker online for the first time (the first time for money, at least). I want to find out if I can build a substantial bankroll in online poker without risking any of my own money. In this blog, I will chart my progress and freely discuss the strategies I employ in trying to be a winning poker player.

I am a 32 year old University academic. I have a background in mathematics, and have a pretty good understanding of probability and statistics. I have played other intellectual games such as bridge and chess with modest success. I have played small stakes home poker games before, but never in a casino or online.

My journey began at Victor Chandler Poker, where I registered and used the "FreeMoney" bonus code to obtain a free starting stake of $10, along with 25 'bonus dollars' which can be converted into real money through play. VC poker is part of the ipoker network, and is pretty active with around 5000-20000 players online at any time. Finding a table at most stakes is no problem, and the interface is pretty comfortable and easy to use.

My game (for now) is Limit Holdem. I am also attracted to no-limit and pot-limit, but the swings in those games tend to be too large for such a small starting stake. I began playing at the stakes of 0.10/0.20.

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