Thursday, February 28, 2008


Tower Poker are running a promotion where the first person each day (US e.s.t.) to make quads (10s or higher) in Texas Holdem wins a $50 bonus. The catch is that it is not automatic - you have to report your quads to support.

On Saturday I made quad Jacks at about 9:00am. I thought myself no chance, but submitted them anyway. Was astonished to find myself winning the $50! Then on Wednesday, I played a brief session at 12:30am, and made quad Aces. On top of picking up a tidy pot, I won myself another $50 for the trouble. Not bad going. Three other players have won the quad bonus twice (in about 20 days), so I can only assume that not many people are submitting their quads. So playing 6 tables short handed at midnight looks like a pretty profitable strategy right now!

Thanks to these bonuses, I have hit the $180 mark, and will soon add a $93 deposit bonus to that.

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