Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ups and Downs

Boy, poker can be a rough ride.

My hard earned $100 swung down to $30, back up to $100, down to $17, up to $50, down to $20. And some of those downswings can happen so fast - maybe I went on tilt, maybe I played the wrong games. But it seemed at the time that I was being hit in the guts time after time by runner-runner straights, gutshots, backdoor flushed. My good hands were being chased down. I played some poker at a loose limit Omaha table, and burned pretty badly - I'll talk more about Omaha another day.

Today, for a change I experienced a rapid upswing - 50 big bets in less than half an hour. I don't even think I was playing particularly well, or my opponents particularly badly. I just caught a lot of cards. And I mean a *lot*.

Here are some highlights:
Hand 1(BB): 99, held up
Hand 2(SB): 83, called and flopped two pair
Hand 4: AJs, made J high straight
Hand 6(BB): A4s, flopped fours full of aces
Hand 10: 22, flopped a set
Hand 24: KQs, flopped two pair
Hand 25: JJ, flopped a set and paired the board for a full house
Hand 28: 99, flopped a full house
Hand 37(BB): K10s, flopped top pair, turned a 10
Hand 55: A8s, flopped top pair (eights) and made a runner-runner nut flush

In all of that time, I only got sucked out on once (to a runner-runner straight).

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