Monday, June 8, 2009

.. but the worm inevitably turns.

Why is it that every big heater is followed by a massive, flat-on-your face cooler?

Yesterday was a disaster. I've dropped about a grand in barely a couple of hours of play. Probably 120BB or so.

I felt like at times I was playing poorly or that other players were running over me. But that's the thing isn't it? If other players are being very aggressive against you with marginal hands you need a little something to play back and when nothing comes, your cap for value preflop looks a bit foolish.

Blah whatever. I'm going to go play a $50 rebuy at the casino tonight and blow off some steam.

As an aside: I would advise not depositing at Eurolinx for the time being. There are problems with withdrawals there. I have a couple of grand in there which I am very much hoping to get back, otherwise this week will go down as the worst bad beat in my short history.


L4Y SP said...

I know exactly wot u mean about capping preflop , sigh.

U r not hinting that EUROLINX is gonna succumb to the recesssion r u ?


The blindman said...

Don't know exactly what the issue is. People are getting their money, but it's taken up to six weeks in some cases. Could be a liquidity problem, or maybe just a payment processor problem. Either way I would be advising ppl to steer clear until the dust settles.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Bumma on the cooler ... hopefully you struck gold in the $50 rebuy! If not, there's always tomorrow. Long term winners are long term winners.

The blindman said...

Burned $250 in the rebuy, but had a bit of fun and a bit of bad luck (like running my AK into AA aipf).