Monday, June 15, 2009

Diary of a sick cooler.

It's like some strange twisted version of Newton's law. Every heater is followed by an equal and opposite cooler. The last week has been incredibly sick. The bankroll has taken a hit of over 20%. That's probably about 250 big bets on average. Not a whole lot of fun.

It feels of course as though my decent hands are just not holding up, so I had a little look at HEM. This is the last 500 hands of 5/10 sorted by starting hand:

And 3/6:
And 2/4:

I think it's quite bad, but on the upside, I picked up 50EUR for the losing aces hands via a Eurolinx promo (if I ever get my $$ out). I also won 100 Euro while writing this post.

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