Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A good live session

Played the 85+15 "deepstack" on Tuesday. I say deepstack, but when level 5 goes from 100/200 to 200/400 and level 7 goes from 300/600 to 500/1000 it gets very shallow very quickly. By the time we reached the second break, the average chipstack was down to 10 big blinds (I had a "good" stack with 16).

I had a fairly good run, and ended up splitting 10th place for a min cash. We also had a little sweetener for the bubble, so I came away with an awesome $30 profit from 5 hours of poker :-/

The final hand had the poker Gods pissing with me. I shoved 69cc (big blind special) on a JJ4cc board. JQ reshoved. Turn 2c . River 2h .

I then sat in the 10/20 limit for an hour or so because I had arranged to meet up with another player. I had a good run and came away with $330 profit. It would have been a lot more if I hadn't been busted twice (in about five hands) by runner-runner one card flushes. At least I checked behind on the river both times.

The last hand was a classic. I was UTG with 67dd. I would normally dump it, but the table was loose and passive so it wasn't a bad spot to gamble (plus it was my last hand). I limped, expecting a good chance of a 4-5 way pot since the players are so bad. Another limper, a late position raise, BB calls and we see a flop 4 ways. Flop comes down T98 rainbow, so I have the arse end of the straight. BB checks, and I check planning to checkraise. PFR bets as promised, but then the BB checkraises. I don't quite know what to make of this. He could easily have QJ, but sets and two pair are quite possible too or pair and a draw. I flat call, and everyone calls. Turn is blank, like a 2 no flush draws I think. BB leads and I just call. River is a K, BB checks (Eureka) I bet and everyone calls. MHIG and I rake a 16 big bet pot .

My line was pretty weak to be honest. I think I should be at least raising the turn to make anyone with a jack or queen pay the maximum. Still, I managed to be paid off nicely by all the missed draws anyway.


parttimebonuschaser said...

I'd bet tempted to just 3barrel the flop after the bb check raise.

Then again i always like to get my money in fast so maybe its not always the best play

The blindman said...

Yep, that's also valid. It also costs a bit less than the turn raise if someone happens to have the bigger straight, assuming you are committed to seeing a showdown.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

No surprise that you're cleaning up. You've done the study and the grind, you deserve the success. Congrats.

The early days of the internet were supposedly mega-weak. Sounds like you are blessed with a good spot in WA for now. Make hay while the sun shines as $330/hr is a pretty decent income. Things may not always be this juicy ...

The blindman said...

It would be nice to think my hourly rate was $330, but the reality is pretty far from that I think.

Tuesday was a nice little heater, but let's be honest - somebody could have easily held QJ on that last hand and I would have finished even for the session once again.

I reckon $40-$50 an hour is probably achievable in that 10/20 game (and even that much probably requires 100% A game at all times). Anything higher is almost bound to be down to variance.