Saturday, August 1, 2009

Running good is awesome.

Played the $5k guaranteed on Cake on Friday ($10 rebuy, 162 runners). Had another deep run, accompanied by the most incredible "run good" I have ever experienced in a tournament. At the 25/50 level I had 310 big blinds at one stage. Then, after donking off half my stack in a fit of stupidity (see the AKcc hand below) I went on an unreal winning stack, until I was chipleader with nearly three times as many chips as second place, and with 15% of the total chips with 30 odd players left. Unfortunately despite that I only managed to finish 5th for $280 rather than 1st for $1000 odd.

The finish was pretty disappointing. I lost a chunk to a preflop reshove with AQ vs QQ. I figured that he could have been stealing, but actually I should really have been playing smaller ball versus an early position raiser. After that came two just bad beats which put me out (flopped set < rivered straight and AQ < KJ AIPF). Winning either would have placed me well within shot of winning, but it wasn't to be. Bottom line is that you really need to run good for the last hour, not the middle hour.

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