Friday, December 4, 2009

APPT teams: Mincashaments!

Cliff notes from event #9 teams:

  • Outlasted Joe Hachem, Tony Hachem (playing w Sean Keeton), Lee Nelson, Amanda, Donna, John Juanda's wife (apparently)
  • Played on a table with Tony. He got steamed after some fish called a big preflop raise w QT and caught two pair to crack his kings
  • Joe bubbled
  • Had to rebuild my stack twice from super short after my partner's round - he escaped from some very awkward situations including laying down aces on a paired board when some fish ended up taking it down with trip 8s (82s FTW)
  • Mostly got respect for my 6-10BB shoves
  • Sucked out only once, when my K6s shove caught a king against AQ. Busted same guy with my AQ a couple of hands later
  • Despite the large number of live and online pros, there were still quite a lot of really awful players
  • One guy minraised my BB from the SB, leaving <4bb>
  • Quite a few players were really weak after the flop, check-folding after PFR, or open limping buttons and then checking two streets
  • Finished 9th out of 77 for about $1925 (minus buyin divided by two = not much)
  • Lol mincashaments
Many thanks to TFAL for the suggestion, and for playing really well. I had a great time. Full trip report later if I have the energy.

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