Thursday, December 3, 2009

Poker is so easy

I stopped by Star City last night to get my bearings before tonight's tournament, and witnessed the biggest hand I have ever seen live.

The game was 10/20 No Limit Holdem with a buyin of 2-5k. There is a young guy (YG) sitting in front of me in seat two with a big stack that I estimate to be at least 10k, and former APPT winner Grant Levy (GL) shortstacked in seat 4. I picked up the action preflop, where the young guy (YG) had raised to about 120 UTG, and was reraised by GL to about 420 (leaving 1k behind). A middle eastern guy (MEG) on the button flat calls the 420. Now YG announces raise and throws a 1k chip on the table. GL goes all-in with his last 1k chip and MEG flat calls again. YG calls the 300 more. Pot is now nearly 4500. Flop comes QT3. YG bets 2500 into the sidepot. MEG goes all-in for about 6k total. I catch a peek of YGs AA, and the turn comes the miraculous A. Miraculous, because MEG turns over his monster QT as the blank falls on the river. YG drags the $16000 pot with barely a murmur. Poker is so easy.

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