Monday, November 30, 2009

November summary

The month began with a bankroll of $7565. Closing balance is $10664, for a massive monthly profit of $3109. This just eclipses my previous best monthly result of $3090 achieved in May this year. The most remarkable thing about this result, is that it was achieved in a month which included my worst ever one day downswing of -$1500.

I put in a lot of volume at Purple Lounge and Red Star, and I would estimate that at least $1300 of the net result comes from rakeback, bonuses, and a little rake chase on Red Star. Those 3/6 and 5/10 tables certainly generate a hell of a lot of rake.

December's goals? I'm not quite sure. Obviously I'd like to to well on Friday at the APPT, but I'd also like to take a couple of shots at qualifying for the Aussie Millions. I'd also like to stay profitable, and keep that bankroll well above the $10k mark.

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