Thursday, November 12, 2009

A very belated update

Ok, so I haven't posted now for nearly six weeks. To be honest, I've been running so badly that I didn't want to bore everybody with a litany of bad beats, coolers and tilt.

My worst day (ever) was just last week, when I somehow managed to dump 200 big bets (over $1000) in a couple of hours playing 2/4 and 3/6. This pretty well puts paid to the notion that 300BB is a big enough bankroll for limit.

As for the missing months: September was a net -$300, and October was a net -$500.

You would think that November was going the same way after that $1000 turdball, but you would be wrong. Somehow I managed to turn it around with a $1000 winner yesterday on Purple Lounge. That was around 100 big bets playing between 2/4 and 5/10 Euro.

It started with a pretty long heads up session against a loose/weak fish. I must have been running good, but this guy was so bad I don't think I could have lost even with bad cards. He was seeing about 70% of flops, but with only 25% WTSD. He was folding about 40% of the time to Cbets, and frequently limped his button letting me see free flops with rags. He also failed to Cbet when he missed on scary boards, letting me take down lots of pots with nothing. This stuff is suicide heads up, and I took him to the cleaners (even though HU is not my best game). I felt that I couldn't lose even if I ran bad. There is something very primal about playing heads up until one of you goes busto. This wasn't durrrr vs Isildur1, but it felt like it to me with my tiny little roll.

Shortly after that, I ran into my old friend johnoda, a 75/10 fish who took me to the cleaners at a HU 10/20 Euro game some time ago (which I then recovered from him the next day at 5/10 6max). Found the Jesus seat on a 5/10 table, with a couple of nits on my left - just how I like it. I continued to run good there, and on a couple of other tables (again, well placed with nits on the left and fish on the right). I even managed to survive a huge cooler, when I ran my AK into QQ on a flop of QKK. That wasn't very pretty, but about three hands later I ran my A7cc into the same guy's KQcd on a flop of JT6ccc with the fourth club on the turn.

The win is my biggest ever one day total on cash tables. And boy did I need it after the worst day only last week. As an added bonus, I should have a huge bonus coming in as a result of my VIP deal with Purple Lounge.

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