Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do the poker gods read my blog?

God know few others do.

I need to stop posting my wins. Seriously. I just took a massive reaming on some seriously fishy 5/10 Euro tables on Purple. $1200, or about 80BB in the space of about 90 minutes. Standard stuff, but just hand after hand - my AJ < AK on A high board. My AJ < AQ on A high board . My tptk crushed by turned 2 pair. My flopped set crushed by the paired turn(bigger boat) . Second pairs losing to top pairs. Huge draws (str8flush+overs) not getting there.

Just Ugh.


The blindman said...

Then I went back and lost another 20BB. Just for kicks.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

You confident in the randomness of the hand generator? There is a certain assurity in Stars and Tilt.

Anyway, people love rollercoasters. Get back in the saddle.

The blindman said...

Ha, maybe it's the cashout curse - I had just withdrawn $1k.

Nah, seriously I just think it's the horrible end of standard. There were no superusers (all the players at the table were pretty much losing or breakeven regs), and the beats weren't extreme (except for the boat over boat). And to be honest, it's at Tilt and Stars that I seem to have difficulty turning a profit.

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog blindman!
Whats you ID on purple lounge?
Will you tell it?

The blindman said...

Glad you like it. I don't plan on publishing my nick, but I daresay you could probably figure it out if you're a reg :)