Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ANZPT qualifier fail

but all is not lost

Cliff notes on last night's action:

Beat: rebought five times in the ANZPT satellite and still finished second last
Brag: won $800 playing 10/20 limit before and after the tourney
Variance: should have stuck with Limit

For some of the time, that was the worst limit table ever (and by worst I mean best). Much of the play was short handed (4 or 5), including when I sat down, and a couple of the players were going "friendly table here, no bluffing or raising." I didn't buy into that, because I have to play my game - there's too much money on the table to deliberately play bad. I just quietly ignored them and they didn't actually complain about my (mostly) open raising preflop. Iso raising the guy on my right who limped every hand was fun, except that I was very frequently cold called on my left and sometimes in several places. I kept it friendly by chatting a lot, showing some winning hands (see, I don't bluff you), and occasionally checking down multiple streets.

The classiest bit was a four way capped hand preflop, where 63o UTG sadly found his 6 high flush was no good against Q7o in the CO (my AK had to go in the bin on the turn).

The win also came despite losing a $250 pot in a massive cooler with eights full of tens to quad tens. The guy with quads slow rolled me unintentionally I think, having genuinely thought that full house beat quads.

The tourney was not fun. I shoved JT on a flop of J98, guy has QT. I flop trip tens with my AT, and get run down by a flush. I flop top, top and get run down by not one but two flushes. I make one or two bluffy moves and get cut down each time. Just wasn't my day. Or it was my day, just not my table.

But yeah, winning 40BB in four hours of fixed limit despite a huge cooler hand is pretty good going. Shame about the tourney.

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