Thursday, January 14, 2010

End of year summary

After the fairly amazing November result, December was a bit of a downer with a net loss of nearly $900. This set back my bankroll back below the $10,000 target I had set at the start of the year. However with my overall profit sitting at around $11k, I am not too concerned.

2009 goals:
  • $10k bankroll: hit, then dropped below. I'm very happy with the result, considering my roll started the year on just over $2k.
  • Play more tournaments: not really - I'm finding it hard to set aside enough time to play online tourneys
  • Play more big live events: the APPT teams was the biggest event I've played and provided a lot of great experience. It was good to mix it with (and outlast) some of Australia's top pros.
  • Get back to 3/6 and 5/10 limit: definitely achieved. These are my staple levels in FL, including Euros on Purple Lounge.
  • Get into cash NLH: Not really achieved. I've had a few shots at NLH and PLO, but not enough to be confident of beating these games.

Overall year result: net profit of around $8600. Not bad pocket money for a hobby.


L4Y SP said...

awesome , awesome result. really looking forward to watching your progress thru 2010 ! gg , L4

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Nice year ... fancy a couple of last longer bets in the WBCOOP events?