Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bonehead plays 101

Ladbrokes is a bit of a revelation. Not many games, but when they run they seem full of loose passive players and the odd maniac.
Limit Holdem $3(BB) Prima Game#1073328502

Hero ($71.60)
darwin10 ($1,741)
paul147 ($76.52)
AKSAW ($71.34)
McMoNeYMaKeR ($142)

Hero posts (SB) $1.50
darwin10 posts (BB) $3

Dealt to Hero 9d 9c (nice hand 2nd hand at the table)
paul147 calls $3
McMoNeYMaKeR raises to $6 (time to raise out the blinds)
Hero raises to $9
darwin10 raises to $12 (ouch)
paul147 calls $9 (double ouch - oh well, I guess I'm playing for a set)
McMoNeYMaKeR calls $6
Hero calls $3

FLOP ($48) 6d Qd 7s (tough spot for me four handed)
darwin10 bets $3
paul147 calls $3
McMoNeYMaKeR folds
Hero raises to $6 (I guess I can make one play here)
darwin10 folds (great)
paul147 calls $3 (oh well)

TURN ($63) 6d Qd 7s 6c
Hero bets $6 (this is probably pushing it)
paul147 calls $6 (hmm, I guess a queen or a better pocket pair)

RIVER ($75) 6d Qd 7s 6c 2s
check, check,
paul147 shows 4c 3d (omgyfk: this guy called one and then three more cold preflop, then chased his gutshot all the way)
(Flop 16.4%, Turn 9.1%)

Hero shows 9d 9c
(Flop 83.6%, Turn 90.9%)

Hero wins $72

This one, I'm not sure who is the bonehead. It is the villain's first hand at the table (he posted oop), hence my desire to call him down.
Limit Holdem $3(BB) Prima Game#1073334661

AKSAW ($64.52)
McMoNeYMaKeR ($173)
Hero ($153)
maybethemanw ($136)
Badboyyy ($42.61)
Luckyson7 ($312)

AKSAW posts (SB) $1.50
McMoNeYMaKeR posts (BB) $3
Badboyyy posts (BB) $3

Dealt to Hero Kd Kc (yummy)
Hero raises to $6
Badboyyy calls $3
fold, fold,
McMoNeYMaKeR calls $3

FLOP ($19.50) 6d Ad 5h (bleurg)
Hero bets $3 (gotta be done)
Badboyyy calls $3 (hmm)
McMoNeYMaKeR folds

TURN ($25.50) 6d Ad 5h 3s
Hero bets $6 (badboy is defending a blind, so I have to charge him to draw to a small straight)
Badboyyy raises to $12 (disaster.. this looks very bad for me)
Hero calls $6 (crying - against a known opponent I might fold here)

RIVER ($49.50) 6d Ad 5h 3s 2h
Badboyyy bets $6
Hero calls $6 (still crying)

Hero shows Kd Kc
(Flop 95.5%, Turn 100.0%)

Badboyyy shows 8d Th (and now laughing - it's complete air)
(Flop 4.5%, Turn 0.0%)

Hero wins $58.50

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