Friday, October 31, 2008

November goals

It's all about November 23rd. There is a convergence of freerolls from RakeTheRake and Pokerlistings which all happen on Sunday November 23rd at around 1800-2000 GMT (4-5am Monday morning Aussie time). At this stage, it looks as though I will have at least four freerolls to play - Pacific $5k, NoIQ $5k, Full Tilt $22k, William Hill $3k. I may also sign up for Bwin via Pokerlistings with the object of qualifying for a $18k Aussie Millions freeroll in December, and it happens that there is also a new depositor $2k Freeroll on November 23rd. So that makes five simultaneous!! Definitely a big chance to get a decent cash for no risk. The FullTilt freeroll is probably the poorest in value, as I expect at least 1000 runners. The other should be decent with somewhere between 50 and 200 runners each.

I am also aiming to take a shot at the 10/20 limit game at the local casino. This may seem like a big jump, but I consider the following factors: with the current exchange rate, it's really more like 6/12; it's full ring, and hence considerably less volatile than my usual 6max game; it's reputed to be a very soft game; since I'll be playing only one table, I will be risking the same sort of money as I do when sitting at three 2/4 tables online.

So my objectives for November are as follows:
  • Score a decent cash in the November 23rd freerolls
  • Check out Bwin- in the absence of decent kickbacks elsewhere, sign up via Pokerlistings and earn 200 points to qualify for the Aussie Millions freeroll
  • Complete the Ladbrokes sign up bonus
  • Find one more kickback bonus (maybe PokerRoom or Mansion)
  • Make a profit through play
  • Maintain my position in the Eurolinx Oct-Dec rake race
  • Try and get a reload bonus on Pacific or Eurolinx
  • Take a shot at the live 10/20 game. Don't play with scared money, and don't play like a muppet.
  • Make a profit from play (perhaps the number one objective)

Edit: In this post and the last, I have somewhat glossed over the fact that I am now comfortable playing 2/4, and pretty confident that I am a winning player at that level. I think this is a pretty significant achievement. To that end, I am also aiming in November to continue playing well at 2/4 and to become equally comfortable at 3/6.

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TiocfaidhArLa said...

You're more than ready for your local live game. I played it and won easily. Play tight and pick a few spots to c-bet bluff with your image.

The other players are easy to read. Some are loose, a couple are calling stations etc. Picking your spots according to the "Winning at small stakes" book and you'll be sweet.

You only need to win a couple of big pots and don't get sucked into playing too many hands preflop as they'll all be multiway as per the book.

Look forward to your report.