Saturday, October 11, 2008

A classic Pacific software moment

So I was playing on the "new" Littlewoods (also known as 888 or Pacific), and the following hand came up.

GEH1969 ($56.56)
philcann ($744)
emceejay ($70.86)
SammyHna ($39.45)
K4R45 ($43.97)

GEH1969 posts (SB) $0.50
philcann posts (BB) $1

Dealt to Hero 9d Td
call, fold, fold, call, fold,

FLOP ($3.50) 5c 7c Js
check, check,
Hero bets $1
philcann folds
emceejay calls $1

TURN ($5.50) 5c 7c Js 8s
Hero bets $2
emceejay calls $2

RIVER ($9.50) 5c 7c Js 8s 2c
check, check,
Hero shows 9d Td
(Flop 27.5%, Turn 96.6%)

emceejay shows Ad Ts
(Flop 72.5%, Turn 3.4%)

Hero wins $9.03

Here you must be thinking "why didn't you bet the river you moron!" Good question. The answer? I couldn't see the turn card. This is a glitch that crops up every now and again on Pacific software, and it gives me the shits (it previously has cropped up in a key stage of a tournament). It happens mostly when you have resized the window, and one or more of the cards is either illegible or simply invisible. Nice. So I turn the nuts and don't even know it. I guess even the river wasn't a bad play as he could have been chasing the flush. Thanks anyway, Pacific.

Incidentally, I ended up ahead $50 on an hour session on 1/2 and 2/4. Littlewoods have come through with their reload bonus of 50 quid, which is nice. The cashout requirement is 20x, unlike the 50x of their standard sign up bonus. Also still hoping that rakeback will happen.

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parttimebonuschaser said...

hehe, i've had the missing turn card once so far myself.

Luckily i already had trips :)

damn annoying though