Sunday, October 26, 2008

Limit Holdem $1(BB) Prima Game#2238079361

hoseee ($127)
Hero ($31)
Sukkout ($189)
karbes ($62.73)
foonzie ($28.73)
KoenigFL ($25.12)

hoseee posts (SB) $0.50
Hero posts (BB) $1

Dealt to Hero Ts 8s
fold, fold, fold,
KoenigFL raises to $2
Hero calls $1

FLOP ($4.50) 8h 6c Qs
Hero bets $1
KoenigFL raises to $2
Hero calls $1

TURN ($8.50) 8h 6c Qs 9h
check, check,

RIVER ($8.50) 8h 6c Qs 9h 2c
check, check,
Hero shows Ts 8s
(Flop 71.8%, Turn 3.4%)

KoenigFL shows Jh Tc (yes folks, he checked behind on the turn and river with the nut straight)
(Flop 28.2%, Turn 96.6%)

KoenigFL wins $8.08


L4Y SP said...

oh shit...........I've wet myself again . L4

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Looks like an opportunity for the Find Player function. You going back to Limit? From experience, moving between the two makes the transition harder.

The blindman said...

I never left limit. The NL tables are an occasional experiment, partly to earn points for a rake race on Eurolinx. When I do make a transition to NL, I will do it properly.