Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The swings in this game are doing my head in. On Tuesday, I played a couple of tables at Littlewoods (888). I started out on a massive heater to be up about 40BB on the 2/4 table. It turned into reverse shortly thereafter and I lost the lot, and recovered at the end to be slightly ahead.

Yesterday, much the same story. I started out cold as ice on Littlewoods, losing maybe 40BB on two tables in half an hour (the stats were abysmal 30%WTSD, 20W$SD, stuff like that). There were a couple of horrendous bad beats - pocket jacks, made a set, rivered by a straight and then KK overpair also rivered by a straight. Both of those were huge pots, maybe 25BB altogether. I recovered a little of the loss (but far from all), and switched to Eurolinx. Even there, I had a huge swing - up 30BB, lost the lot, ended up 15BB or thereabouts.

Across the two days I am up a bit, but it's frustrating when the high point was so much higher.

By the way, Eurolinx is a Microgaming room where I signed up for rakeback via RakeTheRake. There is a 14x raked hands bonus that I will probably finish (with the rakeback factored in it probably works out similar to the CaptainCook bonus I did a while ago). RTR also have some exclusive rake races, so I may shoot for a small prize in one of those at some point.

I have also recently completed the Ladbrokes kickback bonus on Boogster. It was pretty easy, though I suffered a fairly sizable loss while accumulating the bonus (that seems to happen to me a lot).

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