Monday, October 13, 2008

Suckout city

I thought about checking the river, cos they have been sucking out on me all night. This is the most passive table in history (this villain has 65/2 stats, another has 70/0, another 35/2, another 47/2). It should be reaping rewards, but sadly not today.
Limit Holdem $1(BB) Pacific Game#204226665

Hero ($41.29)
123beo ($87.53)
tusstuss ($93.19)
JOLUBE ($29.40)
16talon ($90.31)
bitantru ($23.96)

Hero posts (SB) $0.50
123beo posts (BB) $1

Dealt to Hero Ad Ac
call, call, call, call,
Hero raises to $2
call, call, call, call, call,

FLOP ($12) 6s 3c 7c
Hero bets $1
123beo folds
tusstuss calls $1
JOLUBE calls $1
16talon calls $1
bitantru folds

TURN ($16) 6s 3c 7c Ts
Hero bets $2
tusstuss calls $2
JOLUBE calls $2
16talon folds

RIVER ($22) 6s 3c 7c Ts 3h
Hero bets $2
tusstuss folds
JOLUBE raises to $4
Hero calls $2

Hero shows Ad Ac
(Flop 80.9%, Turn 88.6%)

JOLUBE shows 3d Qc
(Flop 19.1%, Turn 11.4%)

JOLUBE wins $28.50


L4Y SP said...

i have never seen the bottom pair and 1 overcard chapter in any book . Please can someone refer me to it 'cos my knowledge is obviously lacking . hehe . adam

The blindman said...

Actually, I did come out slightly ahead for the session - which is not too bad considering I suffered river suckouts on at least four occasions.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Just being devil's advocate, is JoLube not getting 14/1 & 10/1 with 6 outs? With that many limpers, calling down might not be such a bad strategy.

I don't play Limit any more, but I seem to recall a lot of suckouts that when analysed back may not be as bad as they appear. Is that not what makes Limit such a great game?

The blindman said...

Yeah, he probably had the odds to chase me. But the UTG limp with Q3 was pretty special.

L4Y SP said...

COME ON! you give these muppets far too much credit . they do NOT thk abouts odds. and even if u hv odds to hit your hand you could still hv been drawing dead . some of them swell with pride at their own stupidity . how clever I am to hv turned aces over with such a poor hand . assholes , but live by the DONK , die by the DONK . adam