Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taking steps

In order to ensure that my next session doesn't turn out like the last one, I have resolved to take the following steps:

  • Play a maximum of two tables. This is aimed at analysing my play more carefully and trying to avoid small (but potentially costly) mistakes.
  • Engage in careful table selection. I don't mind sitting at an unknown table, but if it doesn't look like a good table after two rounds I will stand up.
  • Avoid playing distracted (e.g while writing a blog entry) or tired. I didn't get much sleep last night thanks to the munchkins, so maybe I will give tonight a miss.
A couple of mitigating factors on last night's downer: I probably earned a fair bit of rakeback in the time, and also I should have sewn up a $100 prize in the current rake race, as well as put myself in a good position for the Oct-Dec rake race.

For blog readers, I would thoroughly recommend joining Eurolinx via RakeTheRake (see my link on the right). The Oct-Dec rake race is significantly undersubscribed at the moment, so it should be very easy to win a $50 to $100 prize. Add to that a 14 raked hands per dollar bonus and 30% rakeback, and it's an excellent deal. Prizes in the half month races require some fairly dedicated play, but add an extra incentive if the play works out well for you.

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