Thursday, October 2, 2008

Book selection!

I can now choose my five free books from 2+2. Any advice?

My inclination at the moment is the following:

Group A:
Winning in tough Holdem Games: 'Stoxtrader'
Harrington on Cash Games: Vol 1

Group B:
The Mathematics of Poker: Chen (I know it's esoteric, but I'm a bit of a Maths nerd)
Winning Low Limit Holdem: Lee Jones
Poker Tournament Strategies

I'm not so sold on the third selection in section B - there isn't anything that particularly grabs me. Any suggestions? I already have 'The Theory of Poker', and a friend can lend me S&M Holdem Poker and Super System 1 and 2.


Countryboy said...

Sklanksy & Malmuths Holdem Poker for Advanced Players is excellent. Aimed at Limit play.

Enjoyed Colin Moshmans Sit'n Go strategy - but I understand it takes a bit of flak from Sit 'n Go regulars.

Harringtons 3 Tournament books are pretty much standards - and just generally good reads.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Section A you need to get all of the Harrington Books ... they have no equal.

In Section B, the Essays are lightweight but readable. Inside the Poker Mind starts OK and tapers off quickly, while Serious Poker is a consistently just above average read.

For free ... you can't go wrong, just sign up for another site and add to your library.

The blindman said...

I went for the selection in the OP. Stox is supposed to be the bible for shorthanded limit, which is my main game. Harrington I definitely want to collect, even though I don't play a lot of NL at the moment. S&M Holdem I will borrow.

As far as other sites go, the Pokerroom deal looks ok, but there are also a lot of kickback bonuses going around so I might be better off getting a kickback bonus and just buying the books I want. I'm already signed up at Pacific, Party and Everest, and WPT looks like the worst deal in history.