Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another topsy turvy day

iPoker runs like a dog. Pacific runs like God on a scooter (apologies to whichever blogger I stole that from).

I found a beautiful fishy table at 2/4 on iPoker yesterday, with one 100/0 fish and another 80/40 maniac sitting on my right. Unfortunately the maniac sucked out a couple of massive pots on me, and then promptly handed it over to one of the table TAGs and left. Feeling pretty disgusted, I fired up a four $10 SNGs and busted out of all of them in double quick time. That was a tilt, I think.

A little later I played a couple of 2/4 tables on Pacific and won back 20BB or so to mollify my mood somewhat.

I have to say that in my observations of 2/4 in the last couple of weeks, I have found it to be actually a weaker game than 1/2. Is this possible? There certainly seem to be just as many fish compared to 1/2. Another element is perhaps that I am playing a little better at 2/4 because the stakes are significant compared to my bankroll whereas my play at 1/2 can get a bit undisciplined at times.


parttimebonuschaser said...

Interesting observation re 1/2 v 2/4.

Probably comes down to the site and table selection to a degree, and whether you're playing when some of the other multitabling lag/tags are playing.

I suspect i'd be the same in being a little less disciplined at $1/2 but I do find I win much more consistently there than at $2/4.

Please show me where to find the 100/0 fish!!!

parttimebonuschaser said...

another quick one for ya - is there a way to shrink down the pacific tables? mine i can drag about a cm smaller and thats about it ...

The blindman said...

Resizing on Pacific is hopeless. It doesn't keep the aspect right, and the image ends up aliased and almost unreadable. I generally keep them full size, which is ok if I'm using the 22" monitor and not the laptop :)