Sunday, September 21, 2008

A frustrating weekend

I opened an account at PaddyPower (iPoker) to take advantage of the 2+2 book offer. Unfortunately after only a couple of hours play there I find myself down nearly $100. I have stuck to 1/2 so far, but just seem to be missing all the flops. Oh well, I guess it will turn around.

I also dragged myself out of bed at 4am this morning (in the freezing cold, I might add) to play in a $15,000 freeroll for the EPT London on Pacific. Sadly it was not my day, and I finished around 64 out of 86 runners. I actually saw plenty of decent PF hands, including AA, KK, QQ, and a couple of AKs - but I just never managed to get paid off with the decent hands, and instead I got people playing back at me when I had marginal hands like AT, KQ and 77. In the end I busted out on a completely bonehead bluff. I correctly read the weakness of my opponent's hand, but he found a call with TPNK.


parttimebonuschaser said...

sounds like part of one of my sessions on the weekend. A 50BB swing happens reasonably often though .. just as likely to go the other way next time.

The blindman said...

Yeah, I know. I'm not worried about it, except to note that iPoker looks more solid than Pacific.

Another point to note, by the way is that PaddyPower poker requires that you deposit in EUR or GBP, and then converts your deposit at a fixed exchange rate back to USD for play at the tables. This daft arrangement means you lose about 3% if (like most poker players) you deposit in USD.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

The books will more than pay for the downswing ... the beauty of bonuses, eh?

It's not iPoker, tis the Irish 2bsure 2bsure