Monday, September 8, 2008

Drastic differences between sites

Played a couple of hours last night on Pacific and Hollywood (On-Game). The difference between the two was quite stark.

The Pacific players were very loose-passive across several tables (6 max). Statistics like 75-8 (VPIP-PFR) were common, and the table average VPIP was usually over 60. At On-game however (5 max tables), there were a number of tight-aggressive players, with stats like 23-18. I did manage to find a couple of fish at On-Game - one was running at about 99-5, but played very aggressively postflop.

In the end, Pacific ran very good and Hollywood ran very bad, which is not that surprising given the stats. Roughly +40BB at Pacific, and -30BB at Hollywood so it wasn't a total disaster, and I got through a fair bit of the PSO Hollywood bonus requirements and also nearly finished the points requirements for this months Pacific freerolls.

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parttimebonuschaser said...

nice work. i've heard pacific is hugely fishy. but also heard that the rake there is pretty nasty.

good stuff