Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Don't you just love those little mini-heaters where you win every hand?

I just had a 5 minute, 11 hand heater on CC, winning 9 out of the 11. Admittedly it was only 3 handed play, but it was still pretty good. The funny thing is that when they fold the first couple of hands under heavy pressure, you get pinned as a maniac and get great value when the hands keep coming.

Here's how it played out:

Hand 1: 87o checked the BB, flopped an OESD. Bet flop and turn and rivered the straight (won without showing).

Hand 2: K2o. Raised PF (SB). Flopped 2 pair, turned a boat, rivered quad 2's :) won without showdown.

Now I'm sure my opps think I'm a maniac. I've bet every street so far.

Hand 3: QQ (Eureka): Raise PF. Flop 993. PF caller bets, I raise. Turn T: bet, raise, call. River J: Bet, raise call. He mucks his KT. Thankyou table image :)

Hand 4: T4s: Call in the BB (raise from SB). Flop a pair of 4's, turn 2 pair, win without showdown.

Hand 5: K8o: Raise and win PF.

Hands 6 and 7: Ruin my table image by folding PF (w 53) and on the turn (w K3 missed).

Hand 8: 45s: Raise PF (getting cheeky now). Flop a flush draw and take it down.

Hand 9: AJ: win PF.

Hand 10: K5: win PF.

Hand 11: K2: call raise (from SB) in the BB. Flop trip kings. Check/call flop, check/raise turn, win uncontested.

They have had enough and run away... Don't blame them :)


parttimebonuschaser said...

hehe nice.

i generally avoid 3 handed at small stakes. the rake is too much of a killer

The blindman said...

Good point, however I like to keep my hand in at playing very short handed and/or heads up. And it can be lucrative when you find players who don't adjust appropriately to very short handed play.