Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Upsie down town

Had a little session on Pacific last night. Played a couple of tables of 1/2 to begin with (starting a bit down), and observed a 2/4 table for a while. Eventually, I decided to take a shot at the 2/4 table since the stats were looking fishy (55-60% avg VPIP). I got myself in perfect position on the left of a 90/30 LAG. Sadly I didn't manage to catch any cards at the right times, and I ended up a bit down on the session (about 9BB). Meanwhile on the one remaining 1/2 table, I started out by going down about 25BB. Then it turned around big time, and I ended up about 35BB ahead (that was 60BB in an amazingly short period). Overall, I came out about about $50 ahead, which was pretty good.

I think I will continue to take occasional shots at 2/4. The rules at this stage:
  • Only one 2/4 table at a time
  • No more than 2 tables altogether while playing 2/4
  • Always use a HUD
  • Observe a few rounds before play if possible
  • Stand up if the table is not fishy (easier to write than to do)
  • Stop loss at 25BB (but it should only get that far if it's a fishy table).


TiocfaidhArLa said...

Good luck with taking the occassional shot. I find that it is easier to bring your A game to the larger game.

Last night I was bored grinding out at the NL50 and took a shot at NL200. I closed all but one of the other tables and later closed the last NL50 too.

I got one very lucky AA hand, that I would have played very differently if multitabling. It was a $471 pot so a big +EV over the grinding, but I don't think sustainable, I just got good cards and made the most of them.

Your self-imposed rules seem very sound to me and I'm sure that you'll continue to do very well - good luck!

The blindman said...

Nice job! I'm sure +$471 isn't sustainable, but it sure feels good while it's happening. I agree though, that there's nothing like stepping up a level for improving your focus and discipline. It's good to see you can get the good cards at the big table sometimes too :)

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah good rules ... although if you have great position, a fishy table, and are playing well, i'd be rebuying in rather than quitting at 25bb down.

if you're tilting then sure quit it.

The blindman said...

Fair point,and that is my normal approach. But in this case, my bankroll doesn't really sustain 2/4, so I'm just "taking shots". For that reason, I'd prefer not to risk a really huge loss just yet. It's possible I would break that rule in the right circumstances, but we'll wait and see.