Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Goals for September

I set myself the following goals for September, some of which are completed already:
  • Finish the Captain Cook bonus (only 100 raked hands to go)
  • Earn the $50 William Hill Bonus (almost done)
  • Earn a free Poker Office license through Betsson (done)
  • Earn enough points on Pacific to get into the $5k monthly freeroll and the $15k EPT London qualifier (I messed up the freeroll quals last month). I probably need to play about 40FPPs to do this.
  • Play one other bonus - perhaps the Hollywood bonus on PSO.
  • Play less poker overall. To be honest, I've been playing a bit obsessively recently and I need to step back a little bit. It will help when the Captain Cook bonus is done (it's taken longer than I expected). An hour or two three or four days a week is enough.

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