Monday, September 1, 2008

August Summary

August balance: $1050
July balance: $710
Profit: $340

Bonuses: Party: $100, Gnuf/PSO: $120, UB/PSO: $135, WillHill $50.
Rakeback: WillHill/RaketheRake: $15
Play: ($80)

In the end, a disappointing result. Mid-month, I was running hot at William Hill and Party and by the end I had pissed it all away. Bottom line is I'm running like a dog on Microgaming. Once I'm finished that Captain Cook bonus (which is only 200 raked hands away), I'm going to steer clear except for the juiciest bonuses.

I have also bought into Betsson in order to qualify a free license for Poker Office (easy at 100 points). I am testing Poker Office, Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager. HM actually looks very good once I get the HUD working. PT3 is very nice, but development has stalled for the last six months, and it still doesn't support half the sites that PT2 does. PO has a slightly funny set of statistics, and seems a bit flaky under Vista.

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