Monday, September 15, 2008

So much for discipline..

I played another 2/4 table last night, and promptly broke two of my rules: I didn't use a HUD (because my trial of Idleminer had expired), and I didn't observe a few rounds first (just a few hands). So much for discipline.

Anyway, I rapidly found that there were a couple of juicy fish on the table - one very loose passive (my favourite kind of fish) and one very loose passive/aggressive. The other players were pretty standard tight players (tighter than normal for shorthanded), so the table looked pretty ripe.

I played a few hands and pretty quickly found myself down 10BB. The table looked so good though that I stuck it out, and rebought back up to 15BB. Then came this hand (recalled from memory):

I find Q4 of clubs on the BB. UTG and UTG+1 limp (both loose fish), button raises and I find a loose call. UTG calls, UTG+1 raises (damn!). Raiser calls, so I relcutantly call. UTG caps (grrr! so much for seeing a cheap flop), and it's called around to me, and I call. Four players see the Flop of Q32 with one club, I've got a piece of it so I fire aiming to work out if anyone has a better queen (as I expect). Everybody calls - ok that's very interesting, surely AQ or KQ must raise with the pot so big? Turn is 9c, giving me a flush draw so I fire again and one fish calls. River is an ugly Ks, so I check. The fish checks, and somehow I drag down the monster pot.

Anyway, I played on until the fish left and departed around 10BB to the good overall. Unfortunately I then pissed it all away at the 1/2 tables *sigh*.


parttimebonuschaser said...

well at least it turned out well .. did he have a mid pocket pair?

i seem to get burnt occasionally with a loose call when not closing the action .. i try now to make sure if i'm making a loose call, it is to close the action with no chance of getting reraised.

The blindman said...

I don't know what he had - I guess a pair. Yeah, Q5 sooted is asking for trouble. That said, I'm still going to be calling on the button behind a limper with small pairs and suited connectors.

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah absolutely, i'd do the same

L4Y SP said...

hiya.....can you tell me what the availability of full ring games is like at Pacific please . is it only evenings ( mornings 4 u i guess) ? thanks .... adam

parttimebonuschaser said...

hey mate,

quick question - did you sign up to rakeaway under my referral?


The blindman said...

Adam: Full ring at Pacific is pretty intermittent. I don't think I have seen any for a while at the times I usually play (1200-1600 GMT).

Bort: Yes, I did sign up using your link, but I haven't done any Rakeaway referrals yet.

parttimebonuschaser said...

ah cheers. was wonderin why you weren't showin up but that explains it.