Thursday, September 4, 2008

A good run, and finished the Captain Cook bonus

I've been on a good heater the last few days. I finished the Captain Cook bonus ($220 all up), and improved the balance there by a further $150 in the process (still slightly down on play but much better than it was). I'm up on William Hill on top of the $50 bonus, and I'm up $50 on Betsson having completed the 100 points for a free Poker Office license.

All up, I reckon that takes my balance up over $1500 for the first time.

I have been trying out Holdem Manager for tracking and HUD the last few days. It looks very, very good so far. I like PokerTracker3, but it is extraordinarily frustrating waiting for them to add the poker rooms (including Microgaming and Cryptologic) that they have been promising for more than 6 months. PokerOffice (for which I should have a free license via Betsson) is also pretty good, and comprehensive in it's coverage but seems to have an unusual selection of stats by default and doesn't look as comprehensive as PT or HM. PokerOffice gives you outs and pot odds on the current hand on top of the normal HUD stats, but I don't find that particularly useful. The other reason I prefer HM and PT is that they use Postgresql, meaning you can store your database on the network and if you have multiple clients they can all share the same database.


L4Y SP said...

Sweet but it makes me feel like the runt of the litter . lol . Adam.
Seriously well done.

The blindman said...

Ta mate.

I reckon you should stop messing around at 0.10/0.20. I'm pretty sure you will do just as well at 0.25/0.50 or 0.50/1, and your bankroll is certainly up to it. Bonus chasing is probably best around the 0.5/1 or 1/2 mark.

Sometimes playing at a higher level can sharpen you up, as the stakes mean a bit more to you.