Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Running good

Had a nice reminder yesterday of what it's like to run good. 25BB in five minutes of 2/4EUR (and 350 overall for the session) is pretty nice. The bigger part of that was after getting sucked into a huge pot with JTs capped preflop. Usual story - couple of limpers, I limp along, one of the blinds raises, I call, one of the limpers decides to jack it up and suddenly we are five way in a humungous pot. Flop comes AJx (at which point I think this is going to be one expensive hand), and I check call one or possibly two bets. Turn is another jack, and I check call again. Checkraise the blank river heads up against the preflop raiser and drag a humungous pot.

I'm back to playing mostly on Microgaming, even after the Eurolinx debacle. I've got a ludicrously good rakeback deal on Purple Lounge and I can't resist the megafishes that play up to 5/10EUR. I'll be careful about my bankroll on the site, and on balance I think the risk is worth it.

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