Monday, September 28, 2009

Two steps forward and three (or five) steps back

I should just shut my mouth. Seriously.

Last night was horrific. Over 100BB in the space of about two hours. Most of it was at 2/4EUR, where one particular megafish (who was seeing 100% of flops and about 60% of showdowns) was running all over me. He started out on my left, which was horrendous because he was also pretty aggressive. I managed to get him on my right, but by then much of the damage was done.

The $10k mark is suddenly quite a long way off, and it will probably get a bit further, as I am planning to play a qualifier at the casino tonight.

One small comfort is that I'll get a couple of hundred in rakeback at the end of the month, but I am still left with a bad taste.

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SNG Marnis said...

Ouch, I know how that feels, been running backwards almost the whole of September so far in cash games, and I had been doing so well last August.