Saturday, February 27, 2010

February summary

Ok, it looks like I have hit my targets, but not before taking a bit of a bruising in the last couple of sessions. I tend to tilt a bit when my sessions start badly, reacting by getting looser and more aggressive (i.e the opposite of what I should do).

Nevertheless, it was another strong month, with a net profit of $2236 , consisting of $450 from a RedStar rake chase, $150 from a deposit bonus and nearly $1000 in rakeback. As you might gather, it's been a pretty heavy month at fairly high stakes (for me), and positive in that play came out in the black to the tune of around $636 - that was hammered by a loss of nearly $700 in the last couple of sessions.

The month was also marked by another of my horriffic $1000 coolers mid-month, but compensated by a $1000 heater the next day and a pile of rakeback.

RedStar is great value for me right now. Between the bonus, rake chase and rakeback, I am netting nearly 70% of my rake back. That's pretty great value.

I have a pretty busy few weeks coming up, with the start of semester and all that jazz, so I'm expecting to take some time off from the pokers. Except for a live tilt or two at the ANZPT in Perth, I might even try to take two or three weeks off from poker completely. Now that is a real challenge!


parttimebonuschaser said...

2 or 3 weeks off poker - that's crazy talk

Nice work on the results mate. My 2010 has started fairly terribly.

Clearing this $100 fulltilt bonus has cost me a good $600 and i'm only halfway through.

Will be back on cake shortly though, so hopefully the fish there can pay some back.

The blindman said...

It used to happen to me quite a lot - losing money while chasing bonuses or races. I think it's just a case of running bad at the wrong time, but it's possible there is an element of tilt or bad table selection coming into it too (noting my recent post here).

AW said...

Nice month. Way to fight off the $1k downswing and bounce back for a big profit. Looks like you have a pretty nice deal set up with all your rakeback.

I chase bonuses on MUCH lower stakes, but your posts are very informative and hopefully someday I'll get to that level.

Best of luck at the tables.