Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So I look down at AA

So I look down at a beautiful pair of aces (spades and diamonds) and raise (playing 8/16 6max limit). Only the big blind calls. Flop comes down JdTc6c, bet, call. Turn 9c - an ugly card, but I bet, and he calls. River Qc. Check, check.

He turns over 8h5c for the runner-runner 6th nut flush, which is why poker is clearly a game of skill. Or limit is, at least.

For his next trick, he runs down my KK with the mighty T6 suited.

1 comment:

SNG Marnis said...

Ouch, does sound nasty, we all have days like that were all the top hands you get, get crushed, sure does sting.