Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Insane swings

I had a $1000 cooler yesterday in the space of a couple of hours, mainly at $3/6. 150BB is the very definition of severe. It was pretty painful stuff - one of those days when your monsters get coolered or just win the blinds, and your steals and marginal hands get threebet mercilessly. I tilted a bit by refusing to quit when I probably should have, even though I don't think I was making bad decisions.

Today was a completely different story, winning almost all of it back again mainly at 3/6. It makes such a difference to hit a few flops and the occasional runner-runner. Not to mention idiots who will call four bets cold with pocket deuces.

The swings are a little bit insane, and are a little bit hard to take. To give you some context, in real life I still have a crappy five year old $200 CRT telly because I'm too tight to spend $700 on a new one. So $1k in 2 hours is kindof a big deal. Though I must say $1000 down followed by $1000 up is much easier to deal with than the reverse.

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TiocfaidhArLa said...

Our parallel universes continue as I just posted a similar experience.

Picking up on you last point on emotion over logic, Winning $150 and then another $150 feels a lot better than winning $1000 and then giving back $500 the next day. Sklansky mentioned that same in last weeks 2+2 podcast.

Keep that confidence high for the ANZPT!