Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busted in lucky 13th

Here's the blow-by-blow:

89 runners, 1500 chips, 15 minute blinds.

Arrived 5 minutes late, and have played 15 minutes, sitting tight.
Won some blinds with tiny raises (poss absent players), and a small
pot w QQ (AK on flop!)

Already spotted a couple of French idiots, betting all-in on rubbish
and chasing gutshots. Down to 69 already!

Won a small pot from one of the loose gooses 910 late position w QQ10
flop. Turn Q, river K, I bet half pot, he microraises with nothing
(74). Silly thing is I would have folded to a decent raise.

30 mins in, 62 left. Not many absent players, I think.

Lost a pot in with KQ on the button against two gooses. Flop AJx.
Had nothing, but suspect the other guy didn't either.

1250 chips, with blinds 50/100 - 53 left. Haven't really had any
cards. May need to get busy soon, but it's tricky at such a loose
table. Would rather make a move with a hand!

Blind pass and it's 1100 :(

Made it to first break, but on a knife edge. 49 left.

Bought a round of blinds w KQ (150/75 now).

Damn, I should have tripled up! Raised w AK, K high flop, all-in w two callers. Turn K, board pairs to save the goose with K2 :( Still, managed to improve my stack a bit.

Stole a round on SB. The gooses keep winning big pots with rubbish cards unimproved :/

Won a decent pot w KK, K high flop check-call. Turn made three spades (I didn't have one), and made me nervous. Smallish bet - called. River blank, bet all-in. Probably a mistake, as he only calls with the flush. Better to make a modest bet he can call with junk.

Bluffed out the goose with an AJ missed.

1010 raised, 3 callers! K high flop. Folded to a small bet, gutted to see the 10 appear on turn.

KQ forced to fold by the goose on the big blind. Figure him for an ace.

SB call w A7s. Flop is KJJ, I fold a small bet and turn is A :/ Other guys had zip.

Another AK, another split pot :/ Why oh why can't he have AQ for once :(

30 players left, new table (have to leave my goose behind).

I now have 2600 after a cheeky steal and the blinds passing.

Won a pot w 77 (called a late position raiser), flop A64. Small bet on turn, checked river. He had 75! 3800 now.

KQ, called the loose raiser, bluffed out a blank flop (544). 4400 now (still below avg), 20 players left.

Unfortunately, I don't know the payout structure on the $2k prizemoney. Suspect it will be top ten or thereabouts.

14 left. I'd like to finish in the money, but don't fancy my chances.

Bugger. Busted out in 13th on my first decent hand! QQ on the button, raised to 600, both blinds called. Flop was 1082. Bet 600, one caller. Turn 7, he bets 300, I raise to 800, he calls. River 10, he bets 300, I raise all-in (1500), he turns over K10.

This was a failure to think the hand through. What was he staying in on? Highly likely a 10. He definitely got lucky on me, and probably he should have put me in on the river anyway, but there was no point risking my last chips hoping he had rubbish.. If I called, I would still have had 1200 chips, and could probably have limped onto the final table.

Oh well, there's always next month.

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