Sunday, April 27, 2008

Up again..

Had one of those moments yesterday.. Playing 6max 1/2 limit at Pacific, I made $65 in the time it took for my tea to brew (11 minutes - 23 hands). No real premium preflop hands, but the flops were hitting me every time:

Hand 1 (bb): K5 hit top pair, caught 2nd pair on river.
Hand 4: QJs flopped a broadway, completed on the river
Hand 7: K9 flopped top pair 9s, held up
Hand 11 (sb): J3s flopped a four flush, made a runner-runner straight
Hand 15: 22 flopped a set, slow played it. Turn and river were aces, and hauled in an absolutely monster pot from 2 players presumably holding an ace each.
Hand 19: 99, held up
Hand 23: AQs held up on a blank flop. Here I got very lucky, as my opponent held 44 and the board made 7755. Objectively, I probably should have folded the turn.

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