Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pacific Poker

Pacific Poker has not been funny. The software is both ugly and short on features; the hand history function almost useless; the traffic is pretty poor. And the rake!! I didn't realise how high the rake was until it was too late. It is 10% on small pots (maybe under $5, I'm not sure), ramping down a bit after that. It's pretty nasty - and it makes the 20 times play through bonus a whole lot less appealing.

Unfortunately I got burned in my first day of play, too. There are a lot of bad players at Pacific, no doubt, but I got repeatedly beat down by river beats and nasty second best hands. I lost count of the number of times I saw big pairs beaten (AA several times, KK once, QQ, JJ twice). It got to the point where I would wince at seeing AA. This is playing short handed limit, so it's almost impossible to put down a big pair if no overcards hit the flop. Anyway, that first day I lost nearly $150 - that's right, nearly the whole amount of the bonus. I've recovered a bit since then, and am now only $80 in the hole. I'll be getting as far away from Pacific as I can once this bonus is finished.

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