Monday, January 12, 2009

Goals for 2009

My objective when I began this experiment a year ago was to build a bankroll big enough to play some serious poker at serious stakes. I have partly achieved that already, by satelliting into some serious ($1k buyin) tournaments.

I really enjoy playing tournaments, especially live ones. So my principal aim this year is to build a big enough bankroll to be able to liberally play tournaments of up to about $250 buyin. That includes nearly all of the local Casino events (except for the big finals which I would aim to satellite into again), and also online tournaments such as the PokerStars Sunday Million. To achieve this, a bankroll of around $10k would be the target for the end of the year. BCG has shown that this is entirely realistic even playing pretty low stakes and chasing bonuses.

In order to facilitate the above, I will also be aiming to do more study of no-limit and tournament play, principally via the Harrington books and sites like Stox Poker.

My stretch goal over the next few years is to satellite into a really major live tournament such as the Aussie Millions or WSOP. I came close a couple of times this year, so I hope with a larger bankroll I will get many more chances to do so.

In terms of online play, I will continue playing shorthanded limit and try to get back up to the 3/6 to 5/10 level. I will also try to make a transition to playing more no-limit cash, perhaps up to the 1/2 level. I will also aim to play more sit n gos, where the potential ROI is much higher than for SH limit, and the variance probably lower too.

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parttimebonuschaser said...

Looks good mate. Those goals are definitely realistic.

Good luck in 09!