Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year end summary

Well December has ended the year in pretty disastrous fashion. From an opening balance of $2710, the month ended with a deficit of $665 to end on $2045. The stats suggest that there was a significant cooler going on at 2/4, with W$SD of under 40%. But I suspect I have not been playing my best at times, with VPIP and PFR creeping a little too high at 34 and 22 respectively.

Unfortunately I missed my year-end target of $3000, but on the upside I had another successful live satellite and played well in the $1100 buyin Aussie Millions satellite, finishing pretty close to the big package places at 33rd.

Overall the year has been quite a ride, and pretty successful given my modest beginning. I started on about January 10th, with a $10 no-deposit bonus at VCpoker. The first week I must have hit quite a heater, as I managed to turn the $10 into $70 playing 0.1/0.2 and 0.25/0.5 limit. i broke $100 within three weeks, but then went through some crazy swings after joining Tower poker: down to $30, back up to $100, down to $17, up to $50, down to $20. Finally I managed another upswing, followed by cashing (just in time) a $96 bonus on Tower along with a couple of quads promotion bonuses ($50 each).

By early March, I had a BR over $250. By mid-April I cracked $400, and bought into Pacific via Pokerlistings for the 50% $150 bonus. Pacific was another rollercoaster, where I started with a huge run of bad beats. On one day in particular, I had a huge succession of big pairs from JJ through to AA cracked time after time. I hit a low of $150, before recovering via a couple of heaters and finishing the bonus. By the end of April, I was close to $600 and feeling pretty confident.

May was something of a landmark month, where I had quite a bit of tournament success. My first foray to the casino was a $60 satellite for the $100,000 Sapphire series final ($1100 buyin). I won through to the top four places out of 100 to make the final. Also in May, I came second in a 100 player tournament for a $200 cash, won a 94 player freeroll and cashed in a few SNGs. May was also when I cracked $1000 for the first time.

June through August were a flatline online, though I did play another live sat (busting top 3rd with AA aipf) and then the Sapphire series final (where I scraped into the top half in a pretty dry run).

Finally in September I had a really big $1k month. This coincided with the discovery of William Hill and kickback bonuses. October was also pretty good overall, with over $700 profit. Since then it hasn't been good hunting online, but the sub-satellite win and playing in the Aussie Millions Satellite were probably the highlights of the year. I also had a break-even shot at live 10/20 limti, which I was quite happy about. The year ends with a BR of around $2050, having taken $350 in profit dividends through the year.

On the whole I am pleased with the year, especially the satellite wins. My aim overall was to build up to playing serious stakes poker, and in a sense I have achieved that with the live tournament finals and a few shots at 5/10 online and 10/20 live.

I'll post my New Year's goals in a few days time.


TiocfaidhArLa said...

Keep improving at that rate and we'll see you at the WSOP in 2010, if not before.

Thanks for all your posts, I've really nejoyed reading them.

L4Y SP said...

Congrats on 2008 . I get my motivation from chasing your coat-tails . LOL . regards L4

L4Y SP said...

I have just read that Negreanu wants in on the $10 challenge . He thinks he can take it to $100,000 . he will be grinding 1c/2c to start . L4