Saturday, December 27, 2008


Sadly, it seems like every heater in the last two months in matched by a cooler twice as bad.

I just dumped 30BB on Eurolinx in ridiulously short order (playing the 2/4 Euro that I should have been steering clear of). Normal stuff - my KT trips beaten by KJ, my KJ in the BB 3 bet pre (vs 100% SB stealer), runs into a turned flush from 69hh to beat my top pair. W$SD=35%.

My bankroll is in really hideous shape now.


L4Y SP said...

Firstly , I can truly sympathise....u know that right.

Secondly , you are still miles ahead of me .

regards. L4

The blindman said...

Thanks. Glad to see you're still with us, Adam. Is the blog coming back?

parttimebonuschaser said...

bad luck man.

keep chasin the fish and playin with position.

and make sure the bankroll management is under control. Even though it takes a bit longer to build back up, its worth it to not risk more than you should be. (and even at 1/2 it builds up pretty quick if you look at a couple of my months recently where i sucked)

Oh and good point .. when's the blog comin back adam - you can probably improve by people commenting on those hands you post.

L4Y SP said...

The blog is not coming back in the same format . All I am doing is posting monthly results and some occassional milestones . gl . L4