Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am in the middle of the biggest downswing of my short career. In November and December I have lost a pretty obscene amount for the stakes I play - probably going on for 300 big bets or so. It has completely destroyed my previously good position at 2/4 stakes.

I'm not sure what to make of it. I suspect I am getting a little bit lazy, a little bit undisciplined, but I have also taken some horrific beats recently. I think I will need to take stock a little, and hop back down to mainly 1/2 for a while until I get my mojo back. I'll allow exceptions for chasing very good value bonuses, but that's it.

Longer term, I have some rethinking to do. Maybe shorthanded limit just isn't the right game for me. Even the best players have pretty thin win rates and high variance. Perhaps I will bite the bullet and jump into NL full-time. I can buy a Stox subscription with my Eurolinx points, so I may also look at that and see if I can find some inspiration.

My most recent move was to take a Eurolinx reload, which is excellent value when added to the rakeback and RakeTheRake rake races. Unfortunately I blew the whole deposit in one sitting, leaving me to wonder whether I can complete the bonus at all.

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parttimebonuschaser said...

Nasty mate. I've lost that many once or even twice come to think of it.

I'd agree with dropping down for a bit, but probably more importantly do some very strict table selection for a while to increase your chances of having a run of good sessions. Avoid the sharks, and maybe even the maniacs, which although profitable, are high variance.

Another thing to consider with the bonuses, is that after you have partly completed one, then each point remaining to complete is worth even more than the original deal. If it was a good deal to reload and take up the deal, its an even better deal to reload again to finish it off.

(ie say initially 500 points for $500, which is $1/point, you might now have 250 points to go for $500 .. effectively $2/point ... just to keep it simple)

I cant comment on whether NL or FL is best (since i only play double ups in NL) but if limit really doesn't suit then maybe a change is a good idea. It could be just variance at the moment though providing your stats are still looking solid. (and generally your comments on hands indicate that you know what you're doing).