Monday, December 1, 2008

November summary

Opening balance: $2546

Closing : $2708.74

For a rather pathetic monthly profit of $163. Given that this included a big chunk of rakeback (about $250), a couple of decent rake races (about $250), and a massive heater in a shot at 5/10 (about $300) it means (the rest of) my play was utterly dismal (ooh, about -$650). Still, I managed not to go backwards, which has got to be better than nothing eh?

Will carry forward $2295 in the online bankroll, and AUD$550 offline. Exchange rates will make future months a tricky calculation.

Bad things(tm) this month:
  • Getting hammered at OPoker (Crypto) and Eurolinx (Micro) for a lot
  • 2/4 coming back to earth with a thump (after the early heater, I briefly went negative before recovering a bit
  • Losing money from play
Good things(tm) this month:
  • Pacific fishies
  • Massive heater at 5/10
  • A fair first crack at live 10/20, managing not to lose money
  • Rake races at Eurolinx and OPoker
  • Rakeback
  • Pacific fishies
  • Not losing money overall

On the further upside, December has started with a bit of a bang. This was one of those miracle hands that just kept getting better:

On another table, I was playing against a massive, massive maniac. Maybe the biggest I ever saw. This guy raised about 50% of his PF hands, and played them almost all to the river for maximum betting. I don't think I am exaggerating. He hammered me a few times when he hit a set of fours (capped pre), a rivered str8 w J9o (capped pre), and a better pair on the turn.

But finally, revenge was mine:

Postscript: perhaps the funniest thing I ever saw at a poker table.


The blindman said...

Then I went and spoilt it by blowing everything I won from the maniac and then some. The table was massively fishy (huge multiway pots) and I just couldn't get away from decent hands when I knew I should W$SD=33.

L4Y SP said...

I'm in no position to judge but keep posting , i love it and you could have had quad 8's , he was just being cautious 'cos he didnt necessarily have the nuts . ha ha ha ha ah aha ha aha ha . priceless. almost as good as the fold on the KKKKA board. LOL

TiocfaidhArLa said...

They say that the swings get wilder as you get better and the big pot was a classic example.

I'm expecting that offline bankroll to soar past the online one ... just make sure you stay disciplined at the casino and not push it too hard.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Rakeback/races etc are your friend. Its at least a little reassuring that you can run like ass and still end up in the black for the month.

I'm surprised you're havin trouble on micro - i've always found it pretty fishy. Then again ... its probably like me on Bodog at the moment where the fish are carvin me up.

The blindman said...

TFAL: Thanks for the confidence, but I am realistic. The offline "bankroll" is really only a buyin and a half, so it's quite possible to lose it in one unlucky session. As always when taking shots, I am hoping to get lucky enough in the beginning to stick around and see what happens. One guy at my table the other day was stuck $1100 for the session, and he seemed like a decent player.

Bort: Euro is generally pretty fishy, and I did well there in October. I just hit a couple of big coolers which hurt me in a big way.