Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Perhaps this is part of my problem?

No sooner have I sworn to step down in stakes until I get my mojo back, I suddenly find myself sitting at a 3/6 Euro table. I logged into Eurolinx, which has now dumped all dollar tables in favour of Euro only (or rather Microgaming has). There being no 1/2 or 2/4 tables running, I had a look at the 3/6, and found several juicy looking fish. I couldn't resist, and sat down with my last $100.

The series of hands below illustrate rather well why it is a bad thing to play above where you are feeling comfortable. Over about 35 hands, I went up 30, down 50, until finally on that last hand, I was all-in before winning a nail biter to recover my original EUR80. Heart in mouth, I stood up immediately.

Not entirely happy with my play. A couple of those I think I should have folded before showdown (perhaps a bet-fold on the turn instead of check-call check-call).

Incidentally, I am astonished at Micro's decision to cut the dollar tables. It seems to have cut traffic already. Euro tables result in more rake, as the cap is EUR3 instead of $3. You also accumulate points and raked hands slower, because the rates of accumulation are currency independent. All in all, it stinks pretty bad. I quite like Eurolinx, but if the dollar tables don't come back, my days there are probably numbered.

A corker to cap it off on Stars:


parttimebonuschaser said...

It looks like you're getting pretty loose preflop there.

I'm not so sure about the 3bet in the CO with A9o, the UTG raise with J9o, and cold calling a raise with QJo is particularly not pretty. In all those hands i'm folding preflop and waiting for a better spot.

The only exception might be with the A9o one if the guy was a complete maniac, and then its dependent on players after me. With the QJ hand my occasional exception would be to 3 barrel a maniac if the players to come are tight .. although i would usually still fold.

Of the early hands I play basically same. The only fold i'd think of making is the AK one after he donks the turn into two players (i'd let it go here if he's normally passive) and then also bets the river again and you haven't improved.

That sounds bizarre of microgaming to get rid of $ tables. I doubt it will stay that way long if they're losing traffic.

parttimebonuschaser said...

oh yeah, and definitely step down stakes if you're no longer bankrolled for it, or u may go busto

The blindman said...

The player on my right was a 70/50 maniac, so the A9 3-bet was ok, I think. The UTG raise with J9 was just ugly (especially on this table which was way loose) - possibly a tilt moment after going down EUR50 in about ten minutes. CC with QJ was one of those moments where I really wanted to play against the maniac, but couldn't bring myself to 3-bet with such a weak hand. Better to fold and wait for a better opportunity.