Saturday, December 27, 2008


So after dumping all that cash last night I did a very very dumb thing: I signed up for a 10,000 player SNG on Pokerstars :-o

Stars are running these around the clock as a Christmas promo, adding $10,000 priemoney to the $1 buyins. The whole thing was not quite as turbo as I expected. Anyway, I did far too good in it for my own wellbeing, and ended up playing five hours or so, finishing inside the top 250 for a massive payout of about $18 :-/ By the end, I was just about delirious and I got snapped off shoving all-in with 42o when I wasn't too short, but the blinds were massive.

At the same time, I finished 18/216 in a $2 shootout for a couple of Sunday million places and also managed to go out first hand in a 375FPP, 36 player Sunday Million satellite. I picked up AA, and made a large raise of about 8bb for two callers. I shoved on a flop of QT4 rainbow, and they both called: AQ and QT. No improvement, and I was gone.

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